Using experiential, theatre-based exercises, Leading with Presence allows participants to explore their unique personal histories to create and strengthen an authentic, individual leadership style that supports effective organisational leadership.

With her leadership competency and ability to grasp organisational complexity, Emma Brown also works with teams; building collective cohesion, strategy, persuasion and inter-personal skills. She also frequently intervenes as a moderator and consultant to address team conflicts, organisational change, and competitive challenges as well as help groups make the most of new, or increasingly complex situations.

Emma’s Leading with Presence training enables you to:

  • Increase your mental agility and ability to respond in the moment for the best possible outcome;
  • Discover and develop your own leadership style;
  • Project a commanding presence through vocal and physical expressiveness;
  • Present yourself and your ideas with maximum credibility;
  • Stimulate teams and stakeholders into purposeful actions;
  • Identify limiting habits and choose behaviours that express confidence, authority, and vision.

Emma is an extraordinarily talented professional in the leadership and ‘inter-personal’ skills arena.  She is very intelligent, perceptive and clear, whilst at the same time being extremely kind, warm and generous in spirit. She brings huge added value to any organisation and individual lucky enough to work with her.  I know because I have been lucky enough to work with her on many projects for leading organisations around the World.

Alastair Rogers, CEO Performance International Ltd

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