Leadership Forum Theatre pulls together a cast of actors, facilitators and audience members to create an interactive, lively and effective way of looking at company issues. The team, with a strong background in the business world, has the ability to recreate scenarios reflecting everyday situations in need of some ‘fixing’.

In consultation with the client, Emma determines what the current leadership issues are and designs scenarios amplifying the problems, adding a humorous element whilst meeting the learning objectives. The ‘fixing’ is done by the participants who observe, feedback and interact with the actors to highlight issues, clarify ineffective behaviours and their impact and share best practice to move toward realistic and achievable change.

The ‘Stop. Start. Rewind.’ process allows difficult situations to be played out, reflected on, modified and tried out again – adjusting and tweaking behaviours to maximise an effective outcome. This experiential method of learning creates ‘take-aways’ that are meaningful to each participant and their influence within the organisation. Learning is transferred from the reflective and interactive practice on to the stage of working life

Leadership Forum Theatre creates:

  • Introduction to the concept of leadership behaviours;
  • Discussion and debate about leadership;
  • Awareness of individual strengths and personal style;
  • Understanding, spotting and managing group dynamics;
  • The power of changing what you do

“The real-life scenarios, in which we had to engage with
the actors, was amazing. This allowed me to rehearse
difficult conversations I must and should have in a very safe environment.”

Director, Credit Suisse (New York).

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