Leadership – defined as the ability to influence others in the quest of a common goal – is an aspirational quality that is core to progression and success in work and life. Fortunately, becoming an assertive and compelling leader can be developed and enhanced with reflection, support and practice.

Emma Brown works with individuals to help them become grounded and inspiring leaders. Her distinctive work in leadership combines the know-how of executive presence with the art of coaching, facilitation and consultation. Her bespoke training approach is grounded in a thorough assessment of the situation and targets development that achieves agreed outcomes.

Emma’s Leadership training will help you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style;
  • Establish a leadership vision and style that fits your values, strengths and organisation;
  • Enhance your ability to understand and engage successfully with different groups;
  • Increase your mental agility and ability to respond in the moment for the best possible outcome;
  • Project a commanding presence and boost your credibility;
  • Stimulate teams and stakeholders into purposeful actions.

Learn more about Emma Brown’s Leading with Presence and Leadership Forum Theatre training, or get in touch for an organisational, team, or personal assessment.