Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change management tools available to organisations today. Coaching concentrates on an organisation’s key assets – it’s people – and brings about profound changes in behaviour at every level.

Emma Brown is a qualified coach with 25 years of experience helping executives develop powerful strategies to manage the challenges that impact on their lives and practices. She has a rare ability to grasp and work with the complexity of the situation, aligning her interventions with her clients’ sense of purpose, goals, visions and unique contexts.

Emma’s approach is pragmatic, consultative and result-oriented, with an emphasis on delivering outstanding quality. Each intervention is bespoke and draws upon an extensive range of experiences, psychological tools and coaching methodologies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Emma’s Executive Coaching services will help you:
•Facilitate the change in attitude and behaviour to ensure your people deliver the desired results;
•Develop your talents and leadership potential;
•Improve the performance and effectiveness of your managers;
•Significantly improve the culture, and therefore motivation of your people.

“I’ve worked closely with Emma for many years, delivering for clients who include:  Rolls Royce, Credit Suisse and Zurich Insurance. She has the intelligence and intuitive sense necessary to take scraps of data and turn them into powerful learning opportunities, and her ability to work across different cultures and business environments makes her all the more remarkable.”

Chris Cotton, Managing Director, Training in Action

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