Your voice is one of your most powerful communication tools. Sometimes when we most need it though our voice can let us down and we just don’t know what to do about it. Simple tools can be learnt that access the support and power of your voice allowing you to come across with authority and confidence.

Emma provides practical, tailored help in developing and improving your voice whether you want to have more vocal impact, speak with more gravitas or vitality, or be more clearly understood.

Emma Brown’s Vocal Confidence training enables you to:

  • Gain control of your voice and make greater vocal impact;
  • Develop  your voice, improve its tone and give it more life, variety and gravitas;
  • Improve the clarity of your speech;
  • Convey authority with your voice;
  • Be better equipped to handle difficult speaking situations;
  • Express yourself with authenticity and passion through your voice.

Emma is a fantastic, supportive and encouraging coach, who helped me unlock my potential through effective communication with impact. Emma’s warmth, and gentle but firm manner, together with a wide range of personalised activities up her sleeve – eg citing Shakespeare(!), helped me explore and test a range of approaches that worked for me.

Julia Davy
Head of Employee Relations and Wellbeing. Plymouth University

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