Presenting, Pitching & Public Speaking is a training programme geared towards individuals in the business, political or academic sectors who need to develop or fine-tune their public speaking abilities.
Emma’s involving, experiential approach is known to radically change the way people express themselves. Using challenging, yet enjoyable methods adapted from the theatre, Emma works with individuals to uncover and cultivate their personal presenting style, by tapping into their creativity, power and enthusiasm. By weaving ongoing feedback and opportunities for practices into her work with participants, Emma dramatically enhance their ability to deliver energetic and engaging speeches.

Emma Brown’s Presenting, Pitching & Public Speaking training enables you to:
• Find your unique presenting style;
• Express yourself with confidence and conviction vocally;
• Structure creative and memorable presentations;
• Be better equipped to handle stage fright and nerves;
• Improvise and ‘think on your feet’;
• Inspire and influence your audience.

It was crucial for this presentation that I maintained a high degree of poise whilst delivering my message with conviction and passion. Emma guided me through a range of techniques to ensure I felt confident on the day and turned my apprehension into excitement!The presentation was well received by colleagues and made the impact I required. I felt I had made a real breakthrough with Emma’s expert guidance.I would thoroughly recommend her to other senior colleagues facing similar challenging situations.
Professor Alexandra Williams
Associate Dean of Education
University of Exeter Business School

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