When you have one opportunity to convince an audience, your message must be clear and compelling. By taking advantage of your communication strengths and developing your skills of engagement – whether in a client presentation, management update, conference presentation, team briefing or challenging conversation– you will be better able to inspire your audience and drive both individual and business performance.

Communication training addresses both content and delivery to compel and persuade your audience. Bringing proven tools and techniques of theatre and performance to business, Emma provides executives with an advanced skill set in all the essential areas of successful communication. Integral to Emma’s coaching work is the use of voice and psychophysical techniques from the field of theatre, which enables participants to develop a commanding presence and confidence. Lasting skills are developed to manage nerves and master the subtleties of body language, voice, and facial expressions, to build effective relationships and proactively influence others.

Emma Brown’s Communications training enables you to:

  • Deliver persuasive presentations that motivate people into action;
  • Discover and nurture your own authentic communication style;
  • Enhance your presence, confidence and credibility in front of different audiences;
  • Boost your ability to improvise and think on your feet;
  • Capture people’s hearts and minds by mastering the art of storytelling.


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