Emma Brown works with individuals and teams to align vision, values and behaviours that translate into streamlined and productive actions. She specialises in Executive Coaching, Leadership and Communications training. Emma’s in-depth coaching, training and facilitation emphasises one or more of these critical dimensions to success:

Our sense of purpose: Making important decisions more effective, and their outcomes more successful and fulfilling. Learn more about Emma Brown’s Executive Coaching services.

Our impact and presence as leaders: Harnessing the ability to be fully present to the situation/environment, and leading others assertively and compellingly. Learn more about Emma Brown’s Leadership training.

Our communications: Developing into more effective, confident and engaging communicators by working on both our ability to define, structure and deliver content. Learn more about Emma Brown’s Communications training.

You have helped me find courage from within myself to achieve things that I would have previously put limits on. Through the work we have done together I have been able to honestly address my weaknesses and not allow them to define me, but work on them to become a better person – both professionally and personally. It has been an incredible journey working with you.

Kirsty Matthews Head of 6th Form SDCC

Emma is a sensitive, caring, warm presence – people instinctively trust her. Her background in Alexander, of which technique she is an outstanding practitioner, coupled with her own acting experience, and, later, her work in voice and training in business, make her a wonderful, generous practitioner.  She is always open to new possibilities, further allowing her own work to grow and mature.

Brian Astbury Director of The Forge Initiative